What You Gonna Do About It (12' Mix, Remastered)


What You Gonna Do About It (12' Mix, Remastered)

Are you ready to take a trip down memory lane? If you're a fan of early 90s dance music, you won't want to miss the remastered 12' mix of "What You Gonna Do About It". This iconic track has been given new life and is now available for download in high-quality mp3 format. Join us as we dive into the history and impact of this classic dance tune and explore how it still resonates with audiences today. Get ready to move and groove as we dissect the beats that made "What You Gonna Do About It" a timeless hit!

If you're a fan of upbeat funk and disco, then you're going to love "What You Gonna Do About It (12' Mix, Remastered)" by South Shore Commission. This infectious dance track was originally released in 1976, but has since been remastered to bring its funky beats to modern audiences.

South Shore Commission was a funk and soul group hailing from Chicago. They had several hits throughout the 70s, but "What You Gonna Do About It" remains one of their catchiest and most enduring tracks. The song's groovy bassline, horn section, and catchy vocals will get you up and dancing in no time.

If you're looking for more funky dance tracks to add to your playlist, here are four similar songs that you might enjoy:

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You can find "What You Gonna Do About It" (12' Mix, Remastered) on all major music platforms, including Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music. If you want to download the song to listen to offline, simply find it on your preferred platform, click the download button, and follow the prompts.

As a music enthusiast with expertise in saving and storing mp3 files, I highly recommend adding this track to your collection. It's a crowd-pleaser that will get any party started. In comparison to other South Shore Commission songs, "What You Gonna Do About It" stands out for its memorable chorus and infectious rhythm. Overall, it's a classic funk track that's sure to get you moving.
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