Roxette - Listen To Your Heart (Official Music Video)


Roxette - Listen To Your Heart (Official Music Video)

Looking for the perfect soundtrack to start your day? Look no further than Roxette's "Listen To Your Heart," now available for download as an mp3. Featuring the iconic duo's signature sound and timeless lyrics, this official music video is sure to inspire you to follow your heart and chase your dreams. So why wait? Download this classic hit and start your day off right with Roxette!

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Roxette is a Swedish pop rock duo formed in 1986 by Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson. They gained worldwide fame in the late 80s and early 90s with hits like "The Look," "Joyride," and "Listen To Your Heart." The latter is the topic of this blog post.

"Listen To Your Heart" was released in 1988 as the second single from their album "Look Sharp!" It was written by Per Gessle and performed by Marie Fredriksson. The song is a power ballad that talks about the struggle of a broken heart and the power of listening to your intuition.

The music video for "Listen To Your Heart" features footage of the band performing the song with images of a woman walking through an empty city. The video was directed by Doug Freel and was released in 1989.

If you want to listen to "Listen To Your Heart" in high-quality, you can find it on various music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. If you want to save it for offline listening, you can download it from these platforms by subscribing to their premium services.

In conclusion, "Listen To Your Heart" by Roxette is a classic power ballad that remains relevant and inspiring today. The song talks about the power of intuition and listening to one's heart, a message that resonates with people across generations. If you haven't heard it yet, give it a listen, and let it touch your heart.
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