Metro Boomin, Travis Scott, Young Thug - Trance (Lyrics)


Metro Boomin, Travis Scott, Young Thug - Trance (Lyrics)

Are you ready to get lost in the hypnotic beats of Metro Boomin, Travis Scott, and Young Thug's 'Trance' lyrics? In this post, we'll dive into the mesmerizing flow and clever wordplay of this chart-topping hit. But that's not all – we'll also show you where to find the perfect mp3 download to fully immerse yourself in this captivating music. So, grab your headphones and get ready to enter a world of trance-inducing soundscapes!

As soon as you hit play on "Trance," the latest collaboration between Metro Boomin, Travis Scott, and Young Thug, you'll be transported to another world. The song's hypnotic beat and trippy lyrics make it a standout track on Metro Boomin's latest album, "Not All Heroes Wear Capes."

If you're a fan of Travis Scott and Young Thug's previous collaborations, you won't be disappointed by "Trance." The two rappers flow seamlessly over Metro Boomin's production, creating a sound that's both eerie and captivating.

But "Trance" stands out even among the impressive roster of tracks on "Not All Heroes Wear Capes." With its pulsing bass and dreamlike quality, the song feels like a journey through a vivid, otherworldly landscape.

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If you want to add "Trance" to your music library, you can find it on several streaming services, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play Music, Tidal, and YouTube Music. To download the song and listen to it offline, simply navigate to the platform of your choice, search for the song, and click the download button.

Overall, "Trance" is a standout track from three of the most exciting artists in modern hip hop. If you're a fan of any of their previous work, you won't want to miss this hypnotic journey into another world.
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