Lana Del Rey - Doin' Time


Lana Del Rey - Doin' Time

Is Lana Del Rey's New Track 'Doin' Time' the Perfect Summer Anthem? Find out how you can groove to the beat with a free mp3 download in our latest blog post. Get ready to laze away those sunny days with the Queen of Sublime as we explore her latest musical masterpiece.

Summertime, and the livin's easy" - a classic line from a classic song that Lana Del Rey has made her own in her latest hit, "Doin' Time." With her signature sultry sound and laid-back, dreamy vibe, this song is a perfect addition to her repertoire as it takes on an old-school classic and makes it new again.

The song is part of the soundtrack for the upcoming documentary "Sublime", which features unused footage of the late Bradley Nowell of Sublime. "Doin' Time" is a cover of Sublime's 1996 hit, and Del Rey has put her own spin on it with her unique voice and style.

The track is a perfect example of Del Rey's brand of modern pop music with a vintage twist. Her lyrics are evocative and introspective, painting a picture of summer nostalgia and youthful recklessness. The vibe of the song is perfect for a lazy day in the sun, with its chill beats and airy vocal melodies.

If you're a fan of Lana Del Rey's sound, you'll love her latest hit, along with other tracks from her latest album, "Norman F*****g Rockwell!" Here are four more songs that capture the same vibe as "Doin' Time":

1. "Love" - a dreamy, melodic track about the complexities of romantic relationships.
2. "Video Games" - Del Rey's breakout hit that showcases her signature style of cinematic storytelling.
3. "Born to Die" - a moody and melancholic track that features Del Rey's ethereal vocals and a haunting melody.
4. "West Coast" - a track that features Del Rey's distinctive voice set against a driving beat and a strong guitar riff.

If you want to add "Doin' Time" to your personal collection, you can find it on a variety of music streaming platforms. To download it for offline listening, simply search for the song on your preferred platform, then look for a download or save button. This will allow you to store the mp3 file on your device and listen to it whenever you want with no internet connection required.

Overall, "Doin' Time" is a fantastic addition to Lana Del Rey's oeuvre. Her unique voice and style bring new life to this old classic, capturing the essence of summertime nostalgia in a way that's both fresh and timeless.
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