Hopsin - I'm Not Crazy (feat. Swiz Zz & Cryptic Wisdom)


Hopsin - I'm Not Crazy (feat. Swiz Zz & Cryptic Wisdom)

Looking for a new addition to your music playlist? Look no further than Hopsin's latest hit, "I'm Not Crazy" featuring Swiz Zz and Cryptic Wisdom. This mind-bending collaboration will leave you reeling with its hypnotic beats and provocative lyrics. And the best part? You can download the mp3 right now and have it on repeat all day long. Ready to dive into this eclectic world of hip-hop genius? Let's get started!

Hopsin has always been known for his controversial lyrics and hard-hitting beats. But in his latest release, "I'm Not Crazy," he takes a step back and delivers a more introspective track. The song features Swiz Zz and Cryptic Wisdom, both of whom add their own unique styles to the mix.

The track starts off with a haunting piano melody before Hopsin comes in with his trademark flow. He raps about his struggles with mental health, acknowledging that while he may seem crazy to others, he knows that he's not. Swiz Zz and Cryptic Wisdom add their own verses, both of which touch on similar themes of struggling with one's own mind.

The song is the lead single off of Hopsin's latest album, "No Shame," which was released in 2017. The album sees Hopsin experimenting with different sounds and styles, but still staying true to his roots.

If you're a fan of "I'm Not Crazy," here are a few other tracks that you might enjoy:

1. "Ill Mind of Hopsin 9" - Another introspective track from Hopsin, this one delves into his frustrations with the music industry.

2. "Fly" - Featuring Tech N9ne, this track has a more upbeat vibe but still showcases Hopsin's lyrical prowess.

3. "Crown Me" - This track has a more aggressive beat and sees Hopsin returning to his more confrontational style of rapping.

4. "No Words 2" - Hopsin teams up with Eric Tucker for this track, which features some impressive vocal performances and powerful lyrics.

If you want to listen to "I'm Not Crazy" (feat. Swiz Zz & Cryptic Wisdom) mp3, you can find it on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play Music, Tidal, YouTube Music and many other platforms. To download the song from one of these platforms to listen to it offline, simply search for the song on the platform, and look for an option to download it. Once it's downloaded, you can save it to your device and listen to it whenever you want.

Overall, "I'm Not Crazy" is a powerful track that shows Hopsin at his most vulnerable. It's a welcome change of pace from his more aggressive tracks, but still features the same intricate wordplay and hard-hitting delivery that have made him one of the most respected artists in the game.
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