Bobby King - Lovequake ( Disco Soul Boogie 1984 )


Bobby King - Lovequake ( Disco Soul Boogie 1984 )

Are you ready to experience a lovequake? Bobby King's 1984 Disco Soul Boogie hit will get your heart pumping and your feet moving. And now, for the first time, you can have the mp3 download at your fingertips. Get ready to groove when you hear how this track changed the game for soul music.

Have you ever heard of Bobby King? If not, it's time to discover his musical talent. His song "Lovequake" was released in 1984 and is a perfect representation of the disco soul boogie era. The smooth vocals and funky beats create an infectious groove that will have you dancing from start to finish.

Bobby King is an American singer known for his work as a backup vocalist for well-known artists like Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson. However, he also has a successful solo career with several albums under his belt. "Lovequake" is one of his most notable songs and showcases his vocal range and ability to create catchy, upbeat music.

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If you want to listen to "Lovequake" on repeat, you can find it on popular platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play Music, Tidal, and YouTube Music. If you want to download it to listen offline, simply search for the song on your chosen platform and click the download button.

Overall, "Lovequake" is a fun and lively song that embodies the essence of disco soul boogie. Bobby King's talent shines through in every note, making it a must-listen for any music enthusiast. Compared to other songs by the artist, "Lovequake" is definitely one of his catchiest and most upbeat.
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